Couture sets
Couture sets

Whether it’s for day to day or day to night, Couture pieces are diverse and individual, catering to the many different tastes and preferences of trend-setters everywhere. Find what’s right for you and explore the many distinctive articles of Couture.

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Bedazzling and Brilliant

Bejewelled clusters create a sense of delight mixed with this artistic combination of precious stones. Although it's a classic, it holds the appeal of a modern marvel.

Dynamic and Daring

Be radiant with our show-stopping rubies. Bold, red and unmistakably luminous.

For the Love of Rubies

This rich, deep ruby set is carefully handmade with exquisite feminine and floral accents. The width of the necklace presents a dramatic look that is perfectly complemented by the accompanying pieces.

A Majestic Dash of Red

Rubies and diamonds intertwined to make the ultimate impact. The design is both stylish and innovative.

Arm Candy

Made to fit perfectly, these delightful pieces are a modern take on classic beauty. Be wrapped in complete luxury.

Sapphire Delight

Deep blue brilliance. This exquisite set of diamonds and sapphires is unmatched in its prominence while the pattern is ideally carried from the earrings to the necklace.

A Tribute to Elegance

An exceptional creation that is both timeless and striking. The circular design is alluring and the combination of the necklace and earrings is truly fascinating.

Simply Sleek

Simplicity at its finest. This multi-shaped wonder is a remarkable display of contemporary design.

An Envious Arrangement

Perfectly balanced with emeralds and diamonds, this is a stylish design that is playful yet utterly opulent.

Flawlessly Chic

Charming and magnificent, this simple, yet highly exclusive creation captures the essence of true luxury.

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