High Jewellery

Arm Candy

Made to fit perfectly, these delightful pieces are a modern take on classic beauty. Be wrapped in complete luxury.

Emerald Oasis

Experience the lush beauty of the Emerald Oasis set, a true masterpiece of high jewellery. The exquisite green sapphires, with their vibrant color and natural brilliance, are perfectly complemented by the dazzling diamonds, creating an unparalleled sparkle.

Absolute Opulence

The heavily set yellow and
white diamond set with various cuts and shapes coming together to achieve a harmonious flow of luxury.

The Golden Glow

This fine gold set captures a magnificent glow that seasmlessly shines throughout every layer. Its beaded appearance and varying patterns make it especially unique.

Triple the Luxury

With both yellow and white gold, this bridal masterpiece presents three gorgeous strands that are paired with modern and distinctive detailling. The matching earrings and ring further carry this contemporary feel.

A Tribute to Elegance

An exceptional creation that is both timeless and striking. The circular design is alluring and the combination of the necklace and earrings is truly fascinating.

Sheer Enchantment

You just cannot take your eyes off this incredible set. It evokes a sense of real luxury, exclusivity and is absolutely regal in every regard.

Ruby Rhapsody

The set is a dazzling masterpiece of high jewellery, with its radiant red rubies and sparkling diamonds creating a mesmerizing display of light and color.

Whimsical Bliss

You will be anything but
yellow when you wear these magical and imaginative pieces. The light yellow shades are creatively designed to shine.

Royally Timeless

With a subtle extravagence,
this set captivates and inspires. Handmade by our skilled experts, the attention to detail is unmistakable and the placement of the rubies and diamonds is breath taking.

Bedazzling and Brilliant

Bejewelled clusters create a sense of delight mixed with this artistic combination of precious stones. Although it’s a classic, it hold the appeal of a modern marvel.

Green Majesty

Mesmerizing and cut to perfection, this emerald selection is magnificent and truly striking. The finest stones are used to craft undeniably extraordinary pieces.

Sapphire Delight

Deep blue brilliance. This exquisite set of diamonds and sapphires is unmatched in its prominence while the pattern is ideally carried from the earrings to the necklace.

An Expression of Excellence

A slight reflection of this winter snowflake, this diamond set is a one of a kind, made following only the highest standards

Iconic and Enduring

Intricate and dazzling, this is the perfect accessory for any bride. Something magical to hold onto forever.

A Cascade of Diamonds

A waterfall of magnificent diamonds. Brought together with vision, created through inspiration. The fabulous rows sit ever so beautifully and are enhanced by the shape and movement of the earrings.

Simply Sleek

Simplicity at its finest. This multi-shaped wonder is a remarkable display of contemporary design.

An Envious Arrangement

Perfectly balanced with emerald and diamonds, this is a stylish design that is playful yet utterly opulent.

A Woven Wonder

Just breath taking. A celebration of diamonds is woven together to create this stunning and completely classic set.

Flawlessly Chic

Charming and magnificent, this simple, yet highly exclusive creation captures the essence of true luxury.

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