The brand

Amwaj is renowned for its exceptional quality and enduring excellence. Every stone is of the highest standards and the meticulous craftsmanship is reflected in every creation.

A passion for perfection

Established in 1999 by the esteemed and globally renowned Ali & Sons Company LLC, Amwaj has grown to become more than a brand, it is an experience.  Offering an incomparable collection of innovative, luxurious and timeless pieces, Amwaj’s inspirational designs are handcrafted for today’s modern yet classically elegant woman. The company’s customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence ensures that there is something for everyone, as it caters to many styles while offering customized jewellery creation, turning their patrons’ imagination into reality. With its strong regional presence, Amwaj has evolved into one of the UAE’s most influential names in the fine jewellery segment.

Amwaj is built on the principles of excellence that are not only apparent in each creation, but felt by the individuals who wear them. The brand provides its clients with an authentic experience so that they can discover the brilliance of Amwaj’s collections and their illustrious jewellery. Amwaj engages with clients, cultivates lasting relationships with them and delivers a sensation of exclusivity and luxury that is simply unmatched. The company has carried these values throughout its history and still implements them with integrity and precision.

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